The Cook Family Tree

I have been able to track my Cook line back to Thomas Cook. He was born in South Caroline in 1811, and married a woman by the name of Eliza Ann ?. There is a strong possibility that his father is John Cook, but we have no proof of that. With that in mind, I have included a second link to a distant cousin that has John Cook information.

LAST UPDATED: May 22, 2003

Thomas Cook had three sons. One of the son, Samuel, disappear from the family between 1856 and 1866. I believe he might have been killed in the Civil War, again no proof. The two other sons, William, and Thomas C. grew up in Wayne County, Ms. William and his family disappeared before 1880. I am not sure where they when. Thomas C. is my line and it is 100% confirmed.

Cook Family Tree

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